Innovative Technology of the Year in 2021

Smart-Eye Technology

Smart-Eye Technology is Conexx’s winner of Innovative Technology of the Year in 2021. Founder/CEO Dexter Caffey participated in the Conexx innovative technology delegation to Israel in 2017.
“I was at a Conexx cybersecurity conference in Israel, and I could read everything on the laptop of the business executive sitting next to me, and the thought occurred to me that this data is not secure at all!
I thought, wouldn’t it be great if the camera could detect a second set of eyes looking at the screen and shut it down automatically.
That led me to the idea of creating documents with up to 3 layers of multifactor biometric authentication – voice, face, and fingerprint, so that you could be sure that only the intended person reads the document.
A few weeks later, Conexx introduced me to a group of Israeli software developers who were able to actualize my dream to protect these documents and maintain full data control when working remotely, by helping to develop the Smart-Eye Technology platform that is available to members today.”
He is now a successful entrepreneur and cybersecurity business owner from Atlanta.
“I just received $7 million in financing through the Conexx network that is making my dream a reality!”
“The Conexx network was instrumental in my success! I am so grateful to Conexx, as it has been a key for me in achieving my dream, from idea conception to operations and funding. I am honored to be the award recipient for 2021!”