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Conexx: The America-Israel Commercial Alliance was established as a non-profit organization in 1992. It is directly affiliated with the American Israel Education Institute (AIEI), a charity organization that provides charitable receipts for tax purposes.

Conexx History

Conexx has a long 30-year history and has consistently provided Western organizations with access to a vast network of connections, the latest innovations in technology, and successful innovative technology delegations. It has resulted in over $4 billion in transactions (acquisitions, joint ventures, alliances & partnerships) between members.
The latest iteration of Conexx – The America-Israel Commercial Alliance takes our mission to the next level. Collaborating with partners globally who believe in a future with Western values resulting in a free world. After 30 years the network is deeper and stronger than ever, which allows us to add value to all our members in all sectors.

Conexx has over 5000 companies in the Conexx Network and that number is growing globally every day. 

Conexx Values

Credibility / Relationships / Stability / Security / Prosperity / Collaboration / Empowerment / Synergy

Conexx Mission

Conexx – The America-Israel Commercial Alliance enhances members/partners and their businesses by facilitating multinational commerce through MatchPoint Connections, Networking, and Business Resources to achieve a more stable, secure, and prosperous free world

BIRD Foundation Funding

Conexx is an exclusive BIRD representative for R&D funding.

Board Members

Connex is proud of a strong leadership representing the constituencies of our membership including executives from Southeastern corporations, technology companies, and professional firms as well as Israeli companies’ top management from their US or regional headquarters based in the Atlanta area. They are committed to opening doors for Israeli companies within their own companies and network of connections.

Barry Swartz


Phil Cooper


Randall Foster

Chairman of the Board

Andy Grant


Our Newest Members

These businesses recently chose to invest in their community

Volunteering with America-Israel Commercial Alliance

Volunteers are the lifeblood of every successful not-for-profit and charity, and Conexx is no different. Our volunteers are critical to the inner workings of our chamber. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with our volunteers and appreciate their time, efforts and energy.

Contact us if you are a member and are interested in volunteering for any of our committees.

Conexx’s Internal Values

Dynamic, Innovative
& Visionary

We are a dynamic and visionary organization that inspires the business community to collaborate and advocate with one voice. We are passionate about our work, and we believe we will make a significant impact in bringing positive outcomes for US & Israel as well as other global partners, businesses and citizens. Our visionary and pragmatic approach drives our success, and we embrace innovation and continuous improvement.

Entrepreneurial, Responsive
& Customer Service Focused

We are action oriented and are dedicated to quickly understand and meet the needs of our members and stakeholders. We do what we say we will do with energy and enthusiasm. We put what is best for our members as our top priority for decision-making. We are expanding our membership and provide support for their success and growth. We are proactive in seeking out talented staff and Board Directors, continuously implementing best practices in all that we do.

Equal Respect
and Fairness

We value all our relationships. Our behaviours and organizational decisions are guided by the philosophy that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


We always act professionally, taking pride in our work and our conduct. Our policy papers, programs, and services are of the highest quality.

Objective, Evidence-Based & Non-Partisan

We are unbiased and non-partisan in our views, staying focused on what is in the best interest of Conexx and the US, Israel and global businesses that we represent. We develop and share research and policy information that is evidence-based, strategic, current, relevant, and accurate.

Collaborative with a
Common Purpose

We believe that collaboration is essential for developing policy, programs and services that meet the needs of all stakeholders of Conexx, including both business and government. We provide open and inclusive processes that allow all voices to be heard and considered. We find strength in a multitude of ideas and perspectives. We are united as a group in our purpose and advocacy and support each other to achieve the best possible collective outcomes. We are guided by the common purpose of our members to provide strong leadership, contributing to economic prosperity and quality of life.

Integrity &

We uphold our mission in all we do. Conexx’s primary accountability is to our members. Our Executive Board, staff and volunteers are highly responsible, honest, and accountable in all their actions and activities. We build and maintain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders, abiding by the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and ethics. We exercise good governance, and we are fiscally responsible, accountable, and transparent, ensuring the long-term sustainability of Conexx.

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